Pak Tea House

It is called the “Vatican” of the Urdu writers and poets. Before partition, it was known for its association with progressive academics and left-leaning, Progressive Writer’s Association . It was set up in 1932 by a Sikh family. Later, it was given to YMCA in 40s, from whom a young food supplier, Sirajuddin Ahmed rented it as “Peak Tea House” in 1948. It was frequented by artistic, cultural and literary personalities such as Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Agha Shorish Kashmiri, Ibn-e-Insha, Ahmed Nadeem Kasmi, Mira Jee, Saadat Hassan Manto, Nasir Kazmi, Intezar Hussain, Syed Qasim Mehmood, Akhtar Hussain Jaffery, Ustad Amanat Ali Khan and Shakir Ali amongst countless others. It became the hub of vibrant dialogue and interaction between the city intelligentsia, which impacted the opinion and patterns across the country. It hosts famous literary forum, Halqa-e-Arbab-e-Zouq, which is the oldest literary forum still alive in South Asia. Pak Tea House represents a culture of dialogue, pluralism and tolerance.