The world famous, Mohenjo-Daro (City of Dead) was built in 26th century BCE. The largest city of Indus Valley Civilization, which developed around 3000 BCE, it was the most advanced city of its time with remarkably developed civil engineering, urban planning and socio-cultural sensibility. The city remained abandoned for 3700 years until archaeologist; R.D.Banerji visited the site in 1919 with its Buddhist stupa (150-500 CE) and proved its antiquity. Later excavations were conducted by Krishna Nayayan Dikshit (1924-25), John Marshal (1925-26), Ahmed Hassan Dani and Mortimar Wheeler (1945), Dr. Georrge F. Dales (1965) and Dr. Michael Jansen and Dr. Maurizio Tosi (1980s). Pakistan National Fund, after a dry core drilling in 2015 declared that the site is larger than unearth area. Mohenjo-Daro was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980.