Kalash Culture

The Kalash people of Pakistan belong to the Indo-Aryan Dardic Indigenous people. They reside in the Chitral district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. Known for their unique and colorful culture, they are the smallest religious community of Pakistan. The rich and abundant nature plays a great role in forming their beliefs as polythiests. The offer sacrifices and holds numerous festivals to express their gratitude to the mother nature. The Kalash Desh represents two cultural areas; Rumbur and Brumbret valleys forming one, and Birir valley, the other. Many experts compare Kalash mythology with ancient Greece but most of the anthropologists consider them as Indo-Aryan tradition of pre-Zoroastrian-Vedic times. Their famous festival Chaumos, which is celebrated at winter solstice (7-22 December) is known for its colorful customs, music and dances…More