Basic Statements

Pak-European Association of Cultural Exchange

Alaap: Change Through Arts (Lahore, Pakistan) Alaap: Change Through Arts was set up in Lahore, Pakistan in 2006 as a cultural response against religious extremism gaining ground at the grassroots of Pakistan. Set up by a group of artists, journalists, researchers and human rights activists, Alaap promoted cultural diversity and creative arts against the onslaught of religious extremism upon the society of Pakistan. Alaap organized numerous festivals, conferences, musical events, dialogues, seminars besides doing research studies and documenting the extremist onslaught against progressive cultural base of the Pakistani society; a continuity of great Indus civilisation. Alaap focused on cultural rights, interfaith harmony and women’s rights while keeping youth as the cross-cutting theme. It documented the militant’s attacks on the cultural diversity, Sufi Islam, religious minorities and women as different methods of the same madness. It promoted the great contributions of the women and developed the biggest database of such women. Designed in the form of a calendar, the research study is ready to be printed and disseminated. Alaap: Change Through Arts (Europe) Alaap: Change Through Art is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation based in Brussels,Belgium. Alaap-Europe is a continuity of the above-mentioned efforts to strengthen peace, democracy, human rights and cultural diversity in Pakistan and Europe, especially in the context of increasing ‘Ghettoisation’ of expatriate communities. Primarily a research-based organisation, Alaap-Europe is developing a web portal of the great cultural depth of Europe and Pakistan. The web portal shall document legendary, senior and young artists of different categories of arts while showing basic images of daily lives, festivals, museums, literary and intellectual activities. It will create a database of the relevant organisations, forums and institutions of both Europe and Pakistan. Gradually creating online space for dialogues and interactions, the web portal shall serve as the living space for direct interaction between young and senior artists, human rights activists, peace promoters, women and minorities. Alaap-Europe shall build up its membership in European societies and different communities living there. Alaap-Europe shall organise inter-cultural dialogues, seminars, exposure visits and festivals in order to create linkages based on universal values of human equality. Alaap-Europe shall conduct research studies, make documentaries and organise conferences to build the intellectual bas of its values of peace, democracy and human rights. Alaap-Europe shall create linkages with cultural ministries, cultural forums and organisations, civil society organisations, interfaith organisations, youth initiatives and think-tanks promoting same values. Vision: Peaceful and progressive Pakistan integrated with European values of humanism, democracy, cultural diversity, human rights and freedoms.


  • Human equality and peace
  • Cultural diversity and interfaith harmony
  • Minorities and women contribute towards building a peaceful and democratic society in Pakistan.


  • To promote cultural diversity and interfaith harmony in Pakistan and Europe
  • To dispel negative propaganda against European culture
  • To strengthen progressive forces in Pakistan

Our Values:

ALAAP advocates the following values; 

  • Human equality, i.e. Access to equal opportunities.
  • Cultural tolerance
  • Right to know
  • Gender equality
  • Democracy and social peace
  • Freedom of thought and expression


  • Awareness building and Advocacy
  • Research and Publications
  • Communication and networking