Alaap Declaration of Peace


The artists; singers, poets, novelists, story writers, instrumentalists, painters, theatre performers, sculptors, dancers, actors, lyricists, film makers, journalists, lawyers, academics, research scholars, historians, philosophers, social scientists, entrepreneurs, psychologists, human rights activists, within Pakistan and as Diaspora Pakistani communities,

  • Recalling the peace message of all religions, Holy prophets and soulful saints,
  • Reflecting upon the great cultural and intellectual heritage of Pakistan created by the countless mystics, thinkers, artists and social reformers,
  • Reaffirming the democratic, progressive and pluralistic ideals of Pakistan, as defined by Quide-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah on 11th of August 1947,
  • Recognizing the increasing social, political and religious violence that is eroding the peace culture of South Asia, and of the world,
  • Recalling the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and other instruments of UN on peace, human dignity and human rights,
  • Expressing deep concern on the persistent proliferation of weapons and conflicts in every part of the world,

Solemnly declare:

  • That we uphold the democratic values of collective human living as peaceful and multi-cultural societies with equal rights to all the social, political, religious, tribal, ethnic or sectarian identities,
  • That we see Pakistan as the home of peaceful and peace loving citizens committed with the modern humanist values of collective living,
  • That we reject all the violence at all levels from individual to group, from group to community, from community to country and from country to globe perpetrated in the name of sect, religion, honor, cast, ethnicity, tribal identity or nationalism,
  • That we will not allow any ripple effect of any national, regional, or international complication or policy to distort the inter-cultural or inter-religious harmony in Pakistan
  • That the holy scriptures, places of worship, sacred personalities of all religions including their monuments are equally respectable,
  • That we endorse all the efforts to promote cultural diversity, gender equality and creative arts in Pakistan as the most profound peace activism against extremism and radicalization,
  • That we denounce every act of terrorism, harassment, extremism, racism, Islamo-phobia or ghettoization that isolates, segregates, targets or punishes innocent people.